Strictly’s Amy Dowden reduced to tears over fertility fears during cancer battle | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden has bravely opened up about her difficult fertility journey in a health battle that has reduced her to tears “two or three times” today.

The 32-year-old dancer underwent an operation almost two weeks ago after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

Amy has now taken to Instagram to update her 410,000 followers on her latest health news.

The BBC star started off by greeting her fans after what had felt like “a while” and thanked everyone wholeheartedly for their supportive messages.

“I can’t believe it’ll be two weeks tomorrow since I got rid of my cancer-riddled booby,” Amy confessed with a laugh.

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“But I’m feeling so much better every day, like I have honestly been so lucky in the way I have recovered from surgery.

“And today I started the fertility journey process, which I’ve been quite anxious about because obviously that’s something that I’ve always wanted, to be a mum.

“And when I got the news I had cancer, I didn’t realize that it could affect my fertility. So I start my journey on that fully tomorrow.

“So I’ve had a bit of mind on that one today, but I want to try and keep things real,” she added.

“I want to try and help raise awareness for this, try and help others maybe go and get things checked out.

“Like honestly, I did the CoppaTrek! last year which has potentially saved my life,” Amy continued.

CoppaTrek! is a fundraising track organized by breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!.

Amy explained: “Having my mum go through breast cancer when she was 51, a close friend of mine in 2020 getting diagnosed…

“I honestly thought it was never going to happen to me, and all I can say is thank goodness I went and checked when I did.

“Because obviously, grade three out of three which is the most aggressive. But not only that, it’s treatable earlier. The earlier you get it checked, the better.

“Already I’ve had so many messages from people on Instagram saying ‘Because of your story I’ve started checking’ or ‘I’ve now gone to the GP’ and that’s why I’ve spoken out. To try and help others and to make sure we are on top (of it).

After thanking her fans once more, Amy later concluded: “I’m doing well, I’m staying positive and I’m determined to get back on the dancefloor as soon as I possibly can.”

In a follow-up message, Amy also admitted that just because she’s “keeping positive” it hasn’t been she doesn’t have her “emotional moments”.

“I think I may have cried twice or three times today, only because it’s an emotional journey with the fertility and that’s ok, I don’t need to explain it,” she confessed.

“But yeah, there are times where I sit in the shower and cry out of frustration or anger like ‘Why have I dealt with this?’

“But I feel much better after a good cry,” she added. “So yes I’m positive, but I’m certainly not superhuman and I’m just trying to say it’s ok to cry and you feel so much better afterwards.”